OUr Services

Hobbs Contractors, Inc. provides services ranging from smaller homeowner projects to site work for commercial building and parking lots. No job is too small or too large.

Our customers include not only homeowners and those in agriculture but also:


Ducks Unlimited

We construct wildlife ponds and create wetlands to improve quality of wildlife habitats.


Soil Conservation Districts

We work with agencies to install Best Management Practices on the land.


River Keepers

We work on projects that help reduce the nitrogen and phosphorus runoff from agricultural fields.


Land Owners

We work with landowners to design and construct Tile Drainage Systems, diversions, and grass waterways to improve water quality and to reduce erosion of the land.


Our Services Include

Drainage Work

  • Field Tile - Installed with Laser Grade Control
  • Trapezoid Ditch
  • Ditch Dip Ourt
  • Swakes
  • Grass Waterways
  • Diversions

Materials Hauled

  • Stone - All Sizes - Washed & Crushed
  • C R-6
  • Crushed Concrete
  • Top Soil
  • Select Fill
  • Sand


  • Irrigation Ponds
  • Wildlife Ponds with Water-control Structures
  • Impoundment Ponds
  • Wetland Creations
  • Stormwater Ponds

Sediment Control & Stabilization

  • Rock - Rip Rap Placed
  • Seeding
  • Curlex Installation
  • Straw and Mulch Application
  • Hydro Seeding

Site Work

  • Poultry Houses
  • Commercial Building Sites
  • Parking Lots
  • Agriculture Building Sites
  • Residential Building Sites
  • Horse Tracks
  • Driveways
  • Roadways
  • Developments
  • Demolition
  • Golf Courses